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#361088 - After wobbling from side to side a couple of times, she sat down on the hard toilet seat and spread her legs wide apart. The waitress dropped delivered their lunches, so for the next five minutes or so, they both ate in silence until Sandy asked softly, Tell me the truth now, are you aroused right now, I mean at this very minute? After wiping her lips with her napkin and taking a sip of water, Michelle leaned forward and whispered, Hon, my pussy is absolutely on fire, and I could cum just from pressing my thighs together if I tried hard enough! Really, Sandy replied in a husky voice. I thought you wanted me to suck your clit, Sandy replied, why can't you take them off for me? Because I'm not wearing any, Michelle moaned softly, I took them off just before lunch in case I had to do my clit at the restaurant! Oh my goodness! Sandy moaned, you mean to say that you were sitting there with a bare pussy all during lunch? Mmmmmm, yes,

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