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#121902 - After a quick suck session before school to calm the fire in Joanne's pussy, the two girls are nabbed by Sister Rachel, the high school principal. With her pussy was absolutely on fire, Joanne made an audible gulp and whispered hoarsely, Y-yes, sister, j-just like that! Sister Rachel stared at the erect organ for a good minute before Joanne interrupted her thoughts with, A-am I in a lot of trouble, ma'am? I-I didn't want to cause any trouble, it just happened! Of course you're not in trouble, child, the nun replied shallowly, but I'm afraid that we're going to have to do something about your condition. She was just about to say something when out of the blue she questioned, What on earth is that smell.

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Did this bitch really call him gross mid pillow thrust
Masaru hanashima
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