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#99217 - I went into the massage room, to find an absolutely gorgeous brunette, somewhere in her upper twenties, laid out on the table and covered by a towel which didn’t begin to cover her figure. This simply meant that they were not getting “satisfaction” at home, and the doctor would perform vaginal and clitoral massage, bringing them to orgasm; thus releasing the “vapors”. Once again, in front of the manager and a couple of others, she thanked me for one of the best massages she had ever had, and handed me another $300, with instructions to keep the change.

Read Milf Fuck Banana Jam!! - Reward Gay Gloryhole Banana Jam!! - Reward

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Noa izumi
I need to do one like this
Shinsuke takasugi
Can you show that glorious cock going in and out of your love hole