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#61807 - His brothers are Chris, a tall dirty blond boy about 5'8, muscular, blue eyes, muscular calves, plays lacrosse, and always wears shorts; Tyler, a short one about 5'3, cute dimples, brown hair and blue eyes, and flexible since he does gymnastics; Brandon, a medium height dirty brown haired boy about 5'5 who also plays lacrosse, has a decent size ass, and brown eyes; Thomas (goes by Tommy in this story) is about the same height as Chris, blonde hair, blue eyes, and plays lacrosse; Greyson, who's about Brandon's height, has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and about 5'5 as well; Johnny, is about 5'4, has abs, bluish-brown eyes, light brown hair, and plays soccer; Ashtin, who's just as tall as Chris and Tommy, has blonde hair, bluish green eyes, skinny, and a nice ass; Ryan, the smallest of the boys, about 5'2, has dirty blonde hair that's always combed over, blue eyes, and plays soccer too; and lastly you got Jaxon who's about 5'4 or

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